image02Free Puppy Groom Introduction

Here at Wagtails we understand the importance of training your new puppy in every aspect of living within a family, and being groomed is firmly on that agenda.

So we have decided to offer you a first Puppy visit for just £15 – and if you book a further groom we will deduct that £15 off the bill, so effectively the initial introduction visit is FREE!

We will take the time to find out about you and your new pooch, and we can offer some free advice on how to look after your puppy at home.  This is vital for new dog owners.

Keeping your dog regularly and professionally groomed is critical to the dogs health and welfare, so the quicker they get used to the environment, the smells and noises, the happier they will be.

Please click here for our contact details and give us a call…..we look forward to hearing from you.