image01It is important to brush your dog to get all the loose hair away and off the skin so that air can reach it. Dense matting can cause:-

  • Hot spots and sores
  • Fungal and bacterial infections
  • Yeast infections
  • Maggot infestation
  • Severe itching
  • Eye and ear infections

Slight matting will incur extra charges.

Dense matting will cause discomfort, be painful and traumatic to try and remove.  It is our policy and under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 not to cause unnecessary pain and stress. Clip/shave off is the last resort. However close shaving can cause irritation or shaving rash and may uncover existing skin problems. Welfare of the pet is paramount, if they become stressed the grooming will stop to be continued at a later date.

If the ears get severely matted, there is a risk of Hematoma. Hematoma is a pocket of blood or a blood blister. What happens is similar to the itchy spots that can occur after shaving… the dogs ears will “feel funny” to him because they are lighter now and the air will tickle them. He will probably respond to this tickling by shaking his head and flapping his ears. Repeated flapping causes the blood in the ear to run to the tips, sometimes to the point that it causes a blood blister. Since the ears are very thin-skinned, this pocket can sometimes rupture. The bleeding can usually be stopped by applying direct pressure to the ear and preventing the dog from shaking his head any more. It looks terrible, but is not typically a life-threatening or serious injury. If your dog is at risk for this phenomenon, talk with your groomer on how to potentially avoid hematomas, or at least avoid a rupture. Of course, if you can’t get the bleeding to stop, call your vet immediately. We suggest a ‘hoodie’, which we can discuss.

Most are glad of the freedom and run around acting like a puppy! There are the odd few who will react by hiding and sulking for days, just keep telling them they look beautiful, do no laugh at them as they will be feeling very sensitive.

Regardless how they look they will feel 100% better. Book your next appointment, please do not wait until your pet is matted again.

How to brush your pet

Brushing regularly, before and after every bath. Choose the right brush, if you are using the wrong brush you might as well not even be brushing your pet. Brush all the way to the skin, not ‘top brushing’ follow up with a comb. You need to actually part the hair back and brush section by section. Any tiny tangle when wet, will shrink up like cotton wool as it dries making it worse each time. Before you get your pet wet you should be able to run a comb through your pets hair, all the way to the skin. If you can do that, then any groomer should be able to leave your pets hair as long as you’d like it.

If you have any questions we will be more than happy to advise which brush you should be using and how to use it.