A Full Groom Includes……

  • Bath in 97% natural shampoo
  • Conditoner with gentle massage
  • Hand dry with no heating element
  • Ear cleaning/pluck
  • Nail trimming/dremel
  • Clip/scissor best suited for your pets breed and life style
  • Cologne and flower/bandana

IMPORTANT……Our prices are based on your dog’s coat being in generally good condition, and the assumption that its coat is regularly groomed.

If we feel that your dogs coat is maybe heavily soiled or significant de-matting or hand-stripping will be required, there will be an extra charge.

Regular visits to your dog groomer, along with a consistent at-home grooming regime will help to keep your dog’s coat in good condition, limiting matting and related problems, and will help to keep the cost of your dog’s future grooming down, while also ensuring your dog’s ongoing health and comfort.

Every dog is different and requires a different level of grooming and care. We price by dog not breed.